Club Contests


The tournament runs from 06/05/2019 – 07/03/2019 (June to July meeting dates).

This tournament requires the angler to use a plug/lure made by a CSA member (current or former).  The angler does not have to have made the plug themselves; this allows for non-plug builders to participate.

Participation Requirements

Open to all CSA members in good standing, i.e. membership dues are paid.

General Tournament Rules

  1. Fish must be caught with both feet planted on terra firma
  2. Overall length measured from tip of the nose to tip of the tail
  3. Entries are based on the honor system (Photos would be great for newsletter purposes though)


Largest striped bass (total measured length) caught on a CSA made plug wins.  In the event of a tie, the first entry submitted to the tournament chair (Kevin Schwatlow) will be the winner.  Weight of the fish makes no difference.

Entry Fee

To participate in the tournament, each participant must provide a CSA made plug to the tournament chair, CSA president, George Baldwin or any member of CSA E-board prior to the June 7th membership meeting.


The member with the largest striped bass caught on a CSA member made plug will win all the plugs entered as the entry fee.

General Clarification Questions:

  1. Does a rigged sluggo count:  No
  2. If you poured your own soft plastic style lure, does that count:  No
  3. Does the plug/lure builder have to be an active CSA member:  No
  4. Does an eel (attached) on a member poured lead jighead count?  No
  5. Do plug kits assembled by members count? Yes
  6. Does a member-made bucktail count?  No