August Meeting

There have been whispers of bonito being caught around the Vineyard. This is news bodes well for us. Let’s hope the early news of these speedy and wary fish is a precursor to the hard-fighting false albacore that often follow the arrival of “bones.” Recently, there have been a few exceptional seasons for those targeting albies from shore. The problem with albies is that once you catch one, they have caught you. Ask anyone who has had the opportunity to fight one on light tackle. Well, you will have the chance to ask three of the club’s more accomplished albie anglers at the next membership on August 7 th at the Surf Club in Madison. The discussion will be conducted by George Baldwin, Liam Rosati and Charlie Gargano. All three skilled albie fishermen who work from shore using both spinning and fly gear. The plan is to have a club outing or two in the early fall, so this talk will be good preparation. Please come and join us and get excited about these fish. They will get your adrenaline going for sure. We regret that Sam Johnson could not participate in this round-table talk, but he and his wife are expecting their first child, which seems like a reasonable excuse. Our best wishes to Sam and his family!

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