September Meeting – What’s In Your Bag?

The Sept 5th Meeting at the Madison Surf Club will feature a round table discussion, “What’s in your bag?” with Paul Stamos, Steve Gressak and Dave Collins. Each of these members will talk about their plug selection based upon the type of fishing they are doing with a focus on the fall run. Questions will be encouraged.

Paul has been a long time member and flies under the radar a bit as a very successful angler. He is also pretty humble. Paul was the 2010 winner in the highly competitive Shore Bass category in the Martha’s Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby, which is a pretty impressive accomplishment. He has fished all over New England including, Block Island, Martha’s Vineyard, Cuttyhunk and the Canal.

Steve “Puppet” Gressak is a highly thoughtful and creative guy with some very unique ideas about pursuing striped bass. We know him for his informative and often funny posts on the club forum. It seems like Steve has recently been streamlining his approach to fishing and I imagine he will mention bucktails during his talk. It can almost be a guaranteed that Steve will say something that will make you go “Hmmm…..maybe I should try that.”

The third presenter is Dave Collins who has fished locally for years and knows Long Island Sound and the Connecticut shoreline intimately. I have to believe Dave’s approach to fishing is influenced by his frequent use of the kayak to access places those of us shore bound anglers can only dream about. Dave is very pragmatic. Because of his experience on the water, he may well analyze and dissect shoreline structure a little differently than the average surfcaster. He also is an avid albie fan, so he may speak to targeting this species as well.

Our homegrown talent is significant in this club. These members are valuable resources and have signed up to share some of their thought processes and approaches. We are very fortunate to be able to take advantage of their generosity. Please join us next Wednesday to hear from your fellow members. There is no question that there will be pearls to take away from the evening’s discussions.

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