June Meeting – Gary Soldati of Big Water Lures (GRS)

The speaker for the June 6th meeting will be Gary Soldati owner and founder of Big Water lures. Gary has been making pikies, BIG pikies, for more than a decade. His plug building is an extension of his desire to fish big lures in order to catch big fish. Early on, he found the market didn’t really have what he wanted, so he started to make his own offerings. The lures were successful for him and his friends, which lead to the formation of Big Water Lures and what many anglers refer to as GRS lures because of how he signs them. As a panting contractor, Gary is a handy guy. His plugs have been well received from the beginning and now he has a cult-like following. The detail and precision of the paint on Gary’s lures is so fine that many people buy his lures without any intention of ever fishing them. That is understandable, and also a shame. These lures work!

Gary is an accomplished surfcaster with a 50+ on one of his iridescent olive pattern pikies. He is also an artist, as you will see. He will talk to us about his ideas regarding fishing BIG plugs and building plugs. For the plug makers in the club this is a “can’t miss” meeting. Gary will answer questions about his theories and processes.

After his talk, he will sell a batch of his pikies. You can visit his website to get a sense of styles, colors and prices. For the meeting, each member in good standing in attendance will receive a ticket, like we do with the door prize. It will be first come first serve for the tickets starting at 7 pm. The ticket will give the member a chance to purchase 1 of the lures Gary has on hand. At approximately 8:30 after Gary’s talk, ticket holders will line up in order based upon the numbers on their tickets. Please be respectful of this process, 1 ticket per member. Non-members will follow a similar process and have a shot at any remaining lures after all of the ticket holding members have had an opportunity to purchase 1 plug. Members will be able to follow the non-member line for another go around if any plugs remain at that point.

Gary will accept checks or cash only!

This will be a great night!

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