January Meeting – CSA’s Own Mad Scientist, Billy D

So, we ran into some trouble signing up a speaker for the January meeting, being 2 days after the holiday and all. We had a speaker lined up to discuss winterizing etc which fell through unexpectedly. So, Billy volunteered to help out, which is his nature. He will tell us about general maintenance and equipment upkeep, light repairs, rod blanks and related terminology, fishing lines and types of braid, plug building question will be answered. He even has a short list of emergency fix items every angler should carry to keep your commando run going.

Billy D has led an interesting life. He is a veteran and also served as our club President. He has done woodwork, fixed cars and just about everything else. Needless to say, he wears a bunch of hats. He services reels, builds custom rods, and is a superb plug builder. He is also a terrific teacher and mentor. His generosity with his knowledge and time is beyond comparison.

New to the club? Make sure you introduce yourself to Billy. He likes to talk, but it will be worth your while, I promise you. If/when you get the invite to go to his shop—-GO! He is like a Doctor, see one, do one, teach one.

Join us Wednesday, January 3rd, 7 pm, at Memorial Town Hall in Madison, CT. Don’t miss the opportunity to pick the brain of our own “Mad Scientist”!

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