We counted the revenue and the expenses of the Tony Stetzko fundraiser night.

The CT Surfcasters donated $100 for the cost of Church Hall. The only other expense was a small donation to the Church.

"I am thrilled and proud to say that we raised $8,000 for Tony's son.  All this in essentially 2 weeks of planning. Really beyond remarkable.  There are so many great guys in our little tiny group of the fishing world and we should all feel so good about it.

And the big event is this Sunday night (the 29th) in Eastham, MA and that is going to be an amazing time with donated catering and relatives and friends not just from the fishing world so if you can make that event you will experience something special." ~Rob Cohn, CSA club secretary.

You can get more information from the We love you Tony Stetzko Facebook page

A special thanks goes out to Toby Lapinski and Rob Cohn for their concerted effort for making such an event happen on short notice.  Another special thank you goes out to everyone who donated time, raffle items, and money.  Thanks also goes out to "Crazy" Alberto Knie and Mike Laptew for donating their time to be guest speakers for the evening.